Protecting Your Family

Plan for the future and protect the ones you love with a life insurance policy from Korn-O’Neill Insurance Agency, Inc. Life insurance offers financial protection for those who depend on you. Make the choice to provide financial security for you and your family – talk with us today.


Do you ever worry you might outlive your income? AnĀ  annuity allows you to grow and protect your money now, in order to provide a steady stream of income in the future. An annuity can provide income that a person cannot outlive. The frequency of payments can vary and an annuity can be structured to make payments for a fixed period of time or at a fixed dollar amount.

Annuities also grow tax-deferred, meaning taxes are not paid on interest earnings until funds are withdrawn. This can be especially beneficial for individuals who are in a lower tax bracket during retirement years. Funds held in an annuity pass directly to beneficiaries upon the death of the annuity holder. No surrender charges would apply and the funds may avoid probate, if payable to a named beneficiary.